A beginning biography of adolf hitler in the small town of branau

He was a slow learner and did poorly in school. He was frequently beaten by his authoritarian father. Things got worse when Adolf's older brother, Alois Jr. His mild-mannered mother occasionally tried to shield him, but was ineffectual.

A beginning biography of adolf hitler in the small town of branau

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, This was the beginning with horrible plans for power and control of other people.


Some of the things that Hitler did throughout his life were very cruel things; first of all, he was a man who loved war and fighting. Second, he was in charge of putting all of the innocent Jews into Concentration Camps and killing them. Third, he wanted one dominate race of all the same kind of people.

Fourth, he had a life long obsession with danger. Fifth, he blamed the Jews for the war debt and sentenced them all to die.

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So as you can see already Hitler was a very cruel person. The fact that he wanted one dominate race was unbelievably true. First of all, the fact he would kill everyone one way or another that didn"t have blond hair and blue eye and was of German descent, was a frightening fact.

The idea of this gives me quite a scare my self, because I have brown hair, and brown eyes and would I have been killed just because I did not Hitlers physical standards.

A beginning biography of adolf hitler in the small town of branau

Also Hitler himself did not have blond hair and blue eyes. Next, I don"t think that you should judge anyone by the way they look or what they do; that is very wrong. Hitler"s idea of one dominate race was a very bad one. Adolf Hitler was born in an Austrian town known as Braunau am Inn.

Hitler was the son of a man named Alois. Alois Hitler"s father was a Custom official"s, and his mother was named Klara. Alois was illegitimate, first of all he used his mother"s name, Schicklgruber untilwhen he adopted the name Hitler. Adolf"s father was very strict with him, and ignored him most of the time because Adolf liked to dream.

As you can see Adolf did not idealize his father very much, and his death in actually came as a relief to Adolf. Adolf really idealized his mother, whose death in had a traumatic effect on him.

So as you can see Adolf lead a very mixed up childhood. As Hitler grew up, he failed as a student in the classical secondary schools.Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April in the small Austrian town of Braunau am Inn, in Upper Austria on the Austrian-German border.

His father, Alois, was a customs official while his mother, Klara, came from a poor peasant family. Adolf Hitler (–) was born on April 20, , in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau am Inn, located approximately 65 miles east of Munich and nearly 30 miles north of Salzburg.

He was baptized a Catholic. His father, Alois Hitler (–), was a mid-level customs official.

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Adolf Hitler Hitler was born in a small German town, Braunau, at an inn. Hitlers parents had always lived there and were of Bavarian and technically Austrian descent.

His father Alois Hitler was a civil servant and had been married three times. Adolf Hitler: Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party (from /21) and chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany (–45).

He was the leader of Germany during that country’s participation in World War II, and he oversaw the Nazi Party’s implementation of the Holocaust, which resulted in the deaths of . Biography / Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler 1. THE BEGINNING At half past six on the evening of April 20th, a child was born in the small town of Branau, Austria.

Alois Hitler was born illegitimately, and his paternity was never established. She was moved to Ranshofen, a small village near Braunau.

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During the last months of Matzelsberger's life, Klara Pölzl returned to Alois's home to look after the and Adolf was three years old. Beginning on 1 August, the family lived at Theresienstr. One Cause of death: Pleural hemorrhage.

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