Axe deo marketing strategy

Introduction The Axe Call Me campaign is an advertisement campaign that was launched in Asia in and was based on the theme of attraction between members of the opposite sex. As Chamikutty observes, the advertisement was designed to play on the ultimate male fantasy which is to be an attraction to women.

Axe deo marketing strategy

Such a branding strategy helps establish a unique brand identity, image and positioning. As you can see in this image, both individual and umbrella branding exist in some famous multinationals.

Corporate branding includes using the same brand name and identity for its whole product range. Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch multinational, uses umbrella branding for some of its product ranges.

The Virgin Group uses the same brand name for all its products and subsidiaries. Individual branding — tragedies With individual branding, scandal or tragedy that affects one product will not damage the others.

Axe deo marketing strategy

The negative publicity was huge. It also lasted several months. If, however, the company had adopted an individual branding strategy, sales of its chocolate and toothpaste would have remained strong.

Companies that sell several unconnected commodities which vary in price and quality tend to go for individual branding. Especially if their products target different market segments.

Individual branding — pros and cons Like all business strategies, giving each product its own brand name and identity comes with advantages and disadvantages. Advantages Positioning is easier. The marketing team can use a different marketing strategy for each product.

Each individual brand can serve customers differently. It allows the company to offer a wider range of products of different quality.

Axe deo marketing strategy

For example, cheap products will not undermine the image of the more expensive ones. The failure of one brand does not affect the others or the company.

Disadvantages There is a greater risk of instability within the company. It is riskier for new products. The company will be launching them with their own brand names, i. This means that it will take longer to build customer loyalty.

Axe: Men's Grooming, Lifestyle and Style Tips & Hacks

Creating a new brand name is expensive. There is a risk of market cannibalism, i. Different market brands may split efforts within the company.MARKETING STRATEGIES Dove’s marketing strategy is to provide product and services to consumer of all sizes with a competitive price, extensive workforce to get .

the textual and visual strategies encoded in the marketing campaigns. Secondly, relative to the textual and visual analysis, the persuasive aims will be pinpointed as to name the promotional the thesis will be based exclusively on Axe and Old-spice deodorant and shower gel commercials directed at men.

Other products the companies are. Strategy for India Axe deo was launched in India during The brand launch was very quiet and theoretically the brand was having the strategy of Slow Skimming i.e High Price Low Promotion.

One of the reports term the marketing strategy of Axe as "Adventurous Marketing".

Axe has kept innovating its products and its marketing strategy for market growth and success. Behind the Axe statement is the power of marketing. This is an analysis of its marketing strategy and how it helps the brand reach its target audience. In a matter of just a few years, Unilever’s Axe has gone from unabashedly (and often crassly) celebrating male stereotypes to forcefully opposing them. And its new campaign, from 72andSunny. In addition to being World number 1 Male Deodorant Brand*, Axe is a lifestyle brand that speaks to both young men and women through unique experiences. Axe makes its mark in India The cool, iconic brand Axe was launched in India in with Axe deodorants.

That is true because it’s risky because the brand deals with. How AXE's marketing strategies have evolved to better connect with young men. The Evolution Of The AXE Effect a razor, shaving cream, toothpaste, and deodorant. Today, men expect that the.

full REM study of AXE by msinha_4. Axe had sexed the deodorant This review is a part of our' Social Media Strategy Review' series where we do a degree analysis of a brands entire social media activity.

You can read the review of .

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