Bachelor thesis game theory

Game theory provided a solution for those problems in its first applications to economics in the 70s and 80s: The objective of this paper is to provide an intuitive approach to game theory in finance by first giving an overview of the basic foundations of game theory, and then providing a survey of some selected applications most relevant to the financial practitioner.

Bachelor thesis game theory

Goals of game theory are Analysis of strategic interactions competition between companies. Prediction of human behavior and market outcome. Game is strategic interaction between rational players with conflicting interests. Blue-prints of a game description. Subsequent or simultaneous timing?

Who knows which information and when?

Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Social Choice

Pay attention on the following points. Stone — Scissor — Paper First mover vs. First mover advantages are psychological standards consumers taste is related to your producta higher share of loyal consumers, and higher valued products. Late mover advantages are learning from mistakes of the first mover, chance to redefine the product category by innovation, low imitation costs save money for research and development.

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Static Games with discrete payoffs simultaneous actions. Creation of a static payoff matrix. To find the optimal outcome and action of both players we have to find the Nash equilibrium.

Answer this questions in every differentiation and find the solution preferred by both. If both decide not do do the action, they will be better-off. But if this is the case, both have strong incentive to do the action and become even better.


Police arrested two suspects in a serious crime, but only can prove a small crime. Interrogate both simultaneously separated from each other and both will confess doing the crime together with the partner. Specifics on Nash equilibrium.

If there are more than one Nash equilibria, no dominant strategy is existing. Even if player 2 has no dominant strategy, he consider the dominant strategy of player 1 and rationally react to it. Static Games with continuous payoffs. We have to set up the profit or utility function of both players and prove the first order condition to identify where they have no incentive to change.

Symmetric firms, each firm can choose whether to invest into advertisement or not. Price for the products equals Demand function of company.Overview. Game theory is the mathematical study of strategic behavior in interactive decision making environments, in which the utility of each agent not only depends on his own decisions but also on those of other agents.

A central concern of game theory is the development and analysis of solution concepts, such as Nash equilibrium or the core, which provide answers to such diverse questions. Degree Bachelor in Business Administration Degree Programme European Business Administration Specialisation option Management Instructor Kevin McIntire, Senior Lecturer This thesis researched how game theory can be used to determine the potential future direction of the Finnish retail grocery market.

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Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Social Choice Set-valued solution concepts in social choice and game theory. PhD thesis, Technische Universität München, M. Bay.

Bachelor thesis game theory

Answer set programming for computer-aided theorem proving in social choice theory. Bachelor's thesis, Technische Universität München, This thesis investigates the use of game theory and real options in real estate development at a strategic level, backed up by empirical data to try to explain different economic observations among different regions and metropolitan cities.

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