Brand presentation v s

And you, the designer, have to find a way to present your design in a way that proves it is up to the task. How on earth do you fill such a tall order?

Brand presentation v s

Will the brand do this again? What does this event say about the brand? Navigating the Crisis With this understanding of the public mind-set, we can provide communication strategies that help consumers answer the questions posed above in a variety of real-world situations.

We evaluate the situation along three dimensions: The severity of the crisis. Whether customers existing and potential have forged a strong personal identification with the brand.

Our research has generated a comprehensive crisis communication framework that offers the manager an arsenal of communication strategies in different types of situations.

The consumers who participated in our research were either recruited from an online consumer panel, by mall intercepts or on university campuses. In all, nearly 3, people took part in the experimental studies. We also reviewed relevant research articles in the fields of crisis communication, consumer behavior, psychology and brand management published by other scholars between and From the data gathered in our own research and via review of the relevant literature in the field, we were able to determine what situational factors moderate the effectiveness of crisis responses and what communication strategies are most effective to protect brand image and customer trust in different crisis situations.

This resulted in a comprehensive crisis communication framework that helps managers to navigate a crisis by providing guidelines on what strategy to choose depending on whether the transgression is real; whether it is severe; and whether customers identify with the brand.

Is the accusation true? The first question to ask is whether the information provoking the crisis is objectively true, and based on solid facts.

Did Toyota really know about its flawed pedals and stuck floor mats or potential problems in the electronic system before the fatal accidents happened? Did the company really try to avoid a large-scale recall, hoping that the issue would blow over?

Strikingly credible, for example, was the repeatedly broadcast call by Chris Lastrella when the accelerator in his Lexus got stuck and the car crashed, killing him and the three other occupants of the car in which he was a passenger.

At the same time, hearing about an event repeatedly, even if the repeated messages are from sources of dubious repute, will make consumers believe that the event was real. Crisis severity lies in the eyes of the beholder, in this case the consumer.

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Yet, it could be magnified by circumstances or by media buzz. Do customers identify with the brand? The appropriate communication strategy also depends on whether customers identify strongly with the brand.This presentation, and any discussion during or following this presentation, contain forward-looking statements, which are based on our current beliefs, expectations and assumptions regarding the future of our business, future plans.

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Brand presentation v s

v Fully owned subsidiary of Stanley Works, U.S. v Head quarters in Delhi. v Started its operations in the year v Import products manufactured in other countries (China, US, Latin America).

Brand presentation v s

v India, Stanley has launched nearly In products, and is in the process of launching more. It’s easier for editors to interview the designer and beauty leads throughout a presentation. Sponsors can be highlighted in unique ways through custom experiences and brand expression throughout the presentation.

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