Cng dilemma

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Cng dilemma

As a new business venture, many businessmen opened CNG stations to reduce the cost of transportation. CNG kit import became a wide market and especially popular in the transport industry. As the price of fuel based on international oil prices increased, the demand for CNG in the country gradually increased.

CNG kits even today are imported and sold at a premium where licenses were issued to establish CNG pumps country wide those who had the capital. The CNG industry thrived as a substitute to petroleum.

Gas supply, which was intended for manufacturing and domestic consumption was diverted to the transportation industry without looking into macro impact of such a decision.

Cng dilemma in Pakistan today are so inclined towards gas especially the transportation network that phasing out CNG would result in loss of business of many.

As gas supply is directed towards transportation sector, the biggest impact is on the fertilizer sector. Pakistan being an agrarian economy relies on fertilizer for agricultural produce. Fertilizer plants have witnessed loss in production and shutdown days due to non-availability of gas.

The government faces a dilemma in this regard, where should gas be directed i. The situation now is that CNG is supplied few days in a week whereas the line to get a full tank is an ordeal on its own.

People line up to have their CNG cylinders filled since 6 am which continues throughout the day. However, lines in front of the CNG station during these early hours is a common practice now.

The transportation sector which was reliant on CNG now argues that in absence of CNG, they are forced to use diesel to increase fair for the commuters. People protest against non-supply of CNG to the transportation sector. Whenever there is top line pressure and revolt, the gas is directed accordingly.

Based on latest figures available, Pakistan is the second largest country in the world with the highest number of CNG run vehicles. The government introduced buses to run on CNG for Karachi.

Cng dilemma

The problem is the transport mafia, which would never let such initiatives come to life, hence these buses are nowhere to be found. There have been talks that Metro bus will be introduced in Karachi.

This again seems an impossible task under the existing transport mafia. Globally, not just in Pakistan, it has now been argued and widely understood that gas used for transportation is a waste of this resource.

Gas could be better utilized for the manufacturing industry, which would enhance production, create employment and increase GDP. With the quantum of vehicles moving towards CNG despite availability of pumps, long lines are witnessed which takes hours.

The problem can be resolved if petroleum prices are made in line with CNG by reducing the taxation charged on petroleum as well as CNG.A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its onboard fuel for motive monstermanfilm.comen vehicles include hydrogen-fueled space rockets, as well as automobiles and other transportation vehicles.

The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy either by burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, or by reacting hydrogen with oxygen.

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Natural Gas Vehicle Emissions. Transit buses equipped with model year CNG engines produced 49% lower nitrogen oxides emissions and 84% lower particulate matter emissions versus transit buses equipped with model year diesel engines. Nitrogen oxides and particulate matter are the primary emissions of concern for heavy-duty .

Photo 2/9 | diesel Natural Gas Injection filler Connection Diesel is great by itself, but when it pairs up with compressed natural gas (CNG) it is outstanding.

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Video The same type of gas you use to cook a pot of spaghetti in your home can also be a safe, clean and every bit as capable a solution for your vehicle.

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