Critical analysis the truth about parenting

End the Practices of Misrepresenting Who Commits Crime News outlet editors, producers, reporters and pundits must work to end the pattern of explicitly and implicitly overrepresenting Black people as criminal, contrary to fact, and furthering inaccurate and dehumanizing stereotypes that suggest inherent or disproportionate association with criminality. They must educate editorial decision makers and reporters about commonly spread misinformation and stereotyping in reporting as well as the impact of it. They must include people of color in setting editorial standards, which means including people of color in meaningful ways through hiring and across every level and role in the news production process. Forewords Foreword by Rashad Robinson, Color Of Change A broad swath of society forms its opinions of Black families predominantly based on Hollywood films and television shows, including dehumanizing reality programming and sensationalized crime reporting in the news.

Critical analysis the truth about parenting

Contrary to social evidence, feminists think males raised without fathers will treat women better. They have been denied a meaningful contact with their biological fathers, and, as a result, denied experience of traditional fatherhood. With first-hand experience of the great damage caused by divorce and family disintegration, these children have seen their fathers banished from the family home and their own contact with them greatly if not entirely reduced.

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Too young to understand, they are often left emotionally confused and their sense of security is severely damaged. And it is always important to consider what the best empirical research available unquestionably reveals: In the lives of most of these children, fathers a re largely if not completely absent.

And yet, hostility to traditional marriage is one of the hallmarks of modern feminism. Martha Nussbaum, a liberal feminist scholar, writes: One of the most disturbing trends in contemporary society is the increasing distance, if not separation, of fathers from their biological children.

Ironically, contrary to common perception and the wild claims of the powerful feminist lobbythe most likely abuser of a young child is not the biological father.

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When acting alone, mothers are twice as likely to abuse their biological children as are fathers, and mothers are also the main perpetrators of infanticide, or child homicide. While fathers including stepfathers were involved in 36 per cent of all the mistreatment cases, mothers were involved in 64 per cent of them.

Further, while the father was the sole perpetrator in 18 per cent of these cases, in 40 per cent of them the mother was the sole perpetrator, with the mother acting with someone else besides the father in 6.

On average, fathers who live in a married household with their children are better able to create a family environment that i s more conducive to the safety and necessary care of their children.

Consequently, children who live with their biological father in a married household are significantly less likely to be physically abused, sexually abused, or neglected than children who do not live with their married biological parents.

The empirical investigation concluded that, compared to their biological fathers, biological mothers were considerably more likely to physically abuse their children 47 per cent, compared to 42 per centto neglect their children 86 per ce nt; 33 per centto engage in emotional abuse 61 per cent; 55 per cent and to contribute to multiple other categories of abuse and neglect 66 per cent; 33 per cent.

In that same period the number of fathers reported for child abuse dropped from to After all, a comprehensive analysis of child abuse cases across forty-two nations of the Western world found that children raised in single-parenting houses are considerably more likely to become victims of physical violence and sexual abuse.

Compared to their peers living with both of the ir biological parents, children raised in single-parent homes have a: So it is quite extraordinary that the subject of family breakdown has failed to receive proper political, media and academic attention.

Mothers living in a married household are less likely to be abusive or neglectful of their children because they enjoy more support from a spouse. Fathers help mothers be better parents in a variety of ways.

First, fathers can directly care for their children, thereby providing mothers with a break from the challenges and stresses of parenting. Finally, married fathers can offer emotional support and advice to their wives, and both parents can strategize together about parenting.

Such support is invaluable in reducing the odds that a mother ends up abusing their children. For all these reasons, then, mothers who are married to the father of their children are less likely to neglect or abuse their children, compared to single mothers.

For example, single-parent households are substantially more likely to have incomes below the poverty line. After carefully analysing more than seventy representative research papers on the subject, Professor Wilson concluded: There is little doubt that the risk is indeed real.

As marriages continue to collapse at an extraordinary rate and the number of single-parent and remarried households soars, the number of girls put at risk can only increase. The law has failed to grasp the extent to which girls in disrupted families are at risk of sexual abuse.

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In the custody arena, judges base their decisions primarily on the past and present conduct of each parent. Consequently, courts examine whether a parent has molested, or is molesting, his or her daughter before awarding custody to that parent. However, courts generally fail to consider the equally important question: This failure on the part of courts highlights a glaring inadequacy in the law: Sexual abuse may occur in all kinds of family arrangements and configurations.Leadership Self-Analysis - As a leader in our church, after attending the program in Clinical Pastoral Education, I learned so much about self.

My uncle was an Olmstead scholar and I was able to live with him and his family for one of his two years in Leipzig.

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It’s a fantastic program, and being able to stay over there just for that year (I was 17) was a life-changing experience for me.

Critical Analysis: “The Truth about Parenting” In the article, “The Truth about Parenting”, Professor Marjorie Downie expresses to readers that parenting is one of the most risky processes that any human being, mothers in particular, can undergo; it is also bittersweet because persons choose to be parents.

Critical analysis the truth about parenting

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