Eco friendly transportation cycling physical education essay

Supports local agriculture and produce Promotes voluntary simplicity in lifestyle choices, decreasing material consumptionand increasing awareness of environmental and sustainability issues In addition to these initial requirements, the city design must be able to grow and evolve as the population grows and the needs of the population change. These must be built in such a way that they are easy to modernize as opposed to the dominant current strategy of placing them underground, and therefore making them highly inaccessible. Although such schemes display great variety in their ambitions, scale, and conceptual underpinnings, since the late s there has been an international proliferation of frameworks of urban sustainability indicators and processes designed to be implemented across different contexts.

Eco friendly transportation cycling physical education essay

The following is a list of benefits that result from including cycling in the physical education curriculum: There is much that can be learned while cycling, some of which is perfect for integrating science identifying flora and fauna of the local areamathematics calculating distance and speedgeography mappingsocial studies studying the historical significance of cycling in different societieslanguage arts reading and writing about cyclingenvironmental science reduction of emissions by cyclingand more.

There is a natural fit between cycling and learning about health-related fitness. During cycling, students learn how to determine their target heart rate zone, how to stay in the target heart zone while riding, how to keep track of calories burned, and how to develop muscular endurance.

Connecting a cycling unit to a local cycling event can provide students with physical activity opportunities outside of school. For example, students can complete 40 to 45 mi km of the 50 mi 80 km of a half-century ride during the cycling unit in physical education and then complete the last 5 to 10 mi km at the event itself.

Learning basic principles of biomechanics and physics, such as center of gravity seat positionforce production standing versus sitting while climbingoptimal joint angles saddle heightgear ratios optimizing gears on a climband bike design why the seat is positioned behind the cranksetprovides depth to the topic.

Some teachers have students who become trained as bike mechanics and establish their own bike shop in the school. Students can become proactive citizens for personal, community, and environmental health while engaged in a cycling unit. Conducting a bikeability survey of the local community or area surrounding the school can encourage students to become more aware of the needs of cyclists and to become more civic minded.

Students can encourage people in the community to cycle more during National Bike Month, which typically is May and includes the designated Bike to School or Work Week. Middle and high school students can buddy up with and mentor elementary school students through a cycling education program.

This program might include helping the younger students to travel safely between home and school. And, of course, just learning about bikes, bike maintenance, and riding safely and efficiently provides a good deal of learning material! Clearly there are many benefits to incorporating cycling into a physical education curriculum.

Eco friendly transportation cycling physical education essay

So what are the potential challenges, and how might a teacher overcome such challenges? In a recent study of 10 physical education teachers who implemented various outdoor activities at secondary schools, McNamee and Timken in review found that each teacher faced multiple barriers when offering nontraditional outdoor pursuits e.

Funding, space including storagetime, and scheduling were common barriers. Nonetheless, these 10 teachers forged ahead, most often because of the benefits to students, but also for themselves.

Various tips on getting started for teaching cycling are provided in figure No doubt there are more challenges to teaching cycling than there are to teaching badminton in physical education, but the motivation to continue teaching outdoor activities often comes from the positive reactions the students have to learning something new.

The above excerpt is from:The ultimate goal of many eco-cities is to eliminate all carbon waste walking first, then cycling, and then public transportation. it can more efficiently allocate and use both its physical and human capital, reducing the time it takes to make the same amount of goods which also allows for a higher wage (because employees are doing.

Eco Friendly Transportation Cycling Physical Education Essay Introduction Ecologically friendly is activities that are good for the environment, and cycling is a transportation of the use of the cycling which power by human. Essay # 55 Many people believe that cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

However, it is still unpopular. Jan 01,  · providing access for people to education, markets, employment, recreation, health care is that urban transportation systems in most developing can result in physical .

Eco friendly transportation cycling physical education essay

Cycling is an environment-friendly mode of transportation since it reduces pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases. Thus, it not only promotes good health but also a better environment.

Thus, it not only promotes good health but also a better environment. How much more environmentally friendly is bicycling compared to driving a Hybrid.

Hybrid cars are much larger than bikes. 14, pounds of carbon are produced in the production of each vehicle.

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