John dawson thesis prize

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John dawson thesis prize

Dawson John Myrick Dawson 30 September in Champaign, Illinois — 17 November in Los Angeles was an American computational physicist and the father of plasma-based acceleration techniques.

Dawson earned his degrees in physics from the University of Maryland, College Park: Initially a research physicist, he rose to head the theoretical group from to He also spent two years —71 at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, where he started a plasma simulation group.

He then joined UCLA in as a professor of physics.

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He was associate director of the Institute for Plasma and Fusion Research from —91, principal scientist with the institute since and the institute's interim director. John was a leading figure in the plasma physics community for more than four decades, with his contributions to science spanning all of plasma physics.

He performed seminal work on magnetic fusion, inertial confinement fusion, space plasmas, plasma astrophysics, free-electron lasers, and basic plasma physics. He also proposed numerous controlled-fusion concepts.

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A visionary, he realized as early as the late s the potential impact of simulations as a way to test both theories and large construction projects before they were built. He used simulations in to answer such fundamental questions as how large can a plasma wave become before breaking.

During the late s and s, John was using simulations to test out new ideas such as plasma-based acceleration. By the s, he was realizing his broader vision for simulations in such projects as the Numerical Tokamak.

John dawson thesis prize

He proposed letting particles surf on the plasma-wave wakes left behind by a laser or a particle beam as it moved through plasma. The fields in these wakes can be more than times higher than in conventional accelerators. A true humanitarian, Dawson believed that science was still the most noble of professions.

He believed strongly in the importance of controlled nuclear-fusion research and was particularly proud of his invention of an isotope separation process that was used to detect cancer and, consequently, help save many lives.

John had successfully overcome life-threatening illnesses several times. Shortly before his death, he had been in improving health and had enjoyed attending APS's division of plasma physics meeting in Long Beach, California. Dawson received the James Clerk Maxwell Prize in Plasma Physics in and the Aneesur Rahman Prize for Computational Physics in ; both are the highest honors bestowed by the American Physical Society's plasma physics and computational physics divisions, respectively.

James Clerk Maxwell Prize in Plasma Physics citation "For his outstanding contributions to plasma physics and controlled fusion as both as innovative theorist and a prolific inventor, whose ideas have provided the basis for several current fusion configurations.

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He initiated the use of computer simulation as a new and powerful tool for the study of plasmas. He inspired and trained a cadre of younger theorists to continue the development of the field he initiated. He has led in opening the field of plasma-based accelerators and made major advances in understanding basic nonlinear plasma wave processes, anomalous absorption and transport, advanced plasma-based coherent light sources and space plasma phenomena.

Electrons hang ten on laser wake" Nature September,doi:John Marshall II Memorial Prize for Independent Research, Princeton University () Morgan W.

John dawson thesis prize

McKinzie Senior Thesis Prize Finalist with Distinction, Princeton University () Grade of A with Distinction (A+), B.S.E. Thesis, Princeton University ().

C. Peter Wagner, of Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Mission, Tom White, founder of Mantle of Praise Ministries (now Frontline Ministries), John Dawson, Southwest U.S.

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RES combines the planning and technical analysis into a format that promotes an orderly development of protection strategies, planning assumptions, facility targets, vulnerability and risk determination, enhancement planning, and implementation. I received my PhD in and was awarded the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Beam Physics Award from the American Physical Society, the "Prix René Pellat" from the French Physical Society, the John Dawson Thesis prize from the Laser and Plasma Accelerators Workshop, and the "Prix de thèse de l’Ecole Polytechnique" from my graduate school, Ecole Assistant Professor at Ecole .

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