Meet the fokkens film online

With a face as cheerful as her attire — pink hat, orange scarf — the lady strolls past the shopkeeper so properly hosing down his sidewalk, then walks with a purpose into her local drugstore. She could be your grandmother. Gosh, given my Dutch surname, she could definitely have been my grandmother, at least until granny marches up to the counter, greets the proprietor with a familiar smile, and breezily requests: In this documentary case, meet Martine Fokken, an unrepentant whore with a heart of gold.

Meet the fokkens film online

Bucking this trend, Meet the Fokkens is an unusual and welcome polemic. But the sisters themselves agitate this formula. Her twin, Louise, gave up her own booth shortly before the film began shooting, due to arthritic pain.

This satisfies our curiosity as to the nuts and bolts of what the sisters really do while suggesting why it appeals to them: It all appears cheerily empowering the Fokkens are the ultimate female freelancers!

Her husband, as we wincingly learn, was her first and only pimp. The effect is spookily tragic; having crossed the threshold into whoredom, the sisters have tainted their histories, and have turned their old lovers into faceless johns.

We further learn that before Louise definitively turned to the streets she bore three children, only of whom we meet in a garishly confrontational sequence. The absence of the other two reeks of even more corrosive ignominy.

The finale implies an escape for Martine and Louise from the penetrative drudgery of their careers, and they host an exhibition of their lurid paintings to celebrate.

Meet the Fokkens will be applauded for dignifying its subjects, but the film more crucially asserts that Martine and Louise, like all prostitutes, deserve better than a job that constantly threatens their dignity.Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, iTunes, etc.

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streaming Meet the Fokkens? Find where to watch movies online now! Louise and Martine Fokkens are identical twins. For over fifty years they were working as prostitutes.

They freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes.

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Meet the fokkens film online

Putlockers - A documentary on Louise and Martine Fokkens, year-old twin sisters who have worked as prostitutes in the red-light district in Amsterdam for over 40 years. Watch Meet the Fokkens full movie online.

Watch Meet the Fokkens () Free Online - Meet Louise and Martine Fokkens: year-old identical twins who have worked as prostitutes in Amsterdam's red light district for over 50 years%().

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Watch Meet the Fokkens () Free Online