Reflections on discounted dreams

Then I shared two of my own dreams and interpretations so you can see how to put it all together. In the last two blogs, I showed you some of the risks and benefits of asking others to interpret your dream for you. To start with, I would suggest that you read a lot of the reflections that have been written by the Dreams Cloud Reflectors. You will see some differences in these reflections, depending on the dream and the one who is doing the reflection.

Reflections on discounted dreams

This unfortunate situation has resulted in some discomfiting development rightly manifesting as anomie: The implication of this definition is that we have lost vision and direction in our nation.

When there is a collective amnesia in the land, hope is lost and right purposes are defeated. The beauty of nationhood is obliterated while the evils of diversity are magnified. In this anaemic state and collective amnesia, more enemies of the state are sired to set the stage for war of national dissolution.

Options for National Construction

But this resort is really not profitable for any nation. At a time China, a colossus, still romanticizes on the Chineseness of Taiwan, Hong Kong and even Singapore, a time South Korea dreams of the Korean reunification and when the history of Germany still plays out as a worthy example of unification, it is surely mad to advance the cause of Nigerian disintegration.

Today, Europe celebrates its union, while the United States, a richly diverse continental shelf, is proud of its oneness, yet vastness. Indonesia offers a very good case study of nationhood and diversity.

An archipelago comprising more than islands with diversity of languages and culture colonized by the Dutch, Indonesia had found its national bearing ever before its independence with the resolution at a youth conference, declaring Indonesia as one indivisible and indissoluble nation with one national language, Bahasa Indosnesia, and not the language of the Dutch who colonized them.

The problem with Nigeria is not peculiar. What is peculiar to us is the lack of faith in ourselves. What is peculiar to us is our arrogance to one another. What is peculiar to us are our complexes, unfounded phobia and misdirected hatred towards ourselves.

Nations are not built or reconstructed on phobia and complexes, but on shared values despite diversity, and common purpose despite differences. It is the enemies of the nation who latch on differences and diversity of tribes, ethnicity, language and religion to play up centrifugal tendencies in the country.

They sing the songs of war and speak the language of separation; they remind the citizens of the past odious wars of attrition. They are the funders and financiers of destruction of national assets, human and material, causing distraction from the pursuit of national development.

Somehow, they may have some justifications from what they have suffered.

Reflections on discounted dreams

But these are not sufficient to compromise the essence of unity and brotherhood of humanity. Nationhood is one of the paths to achieving the unity of mankind.

As a student of the Quran, this is why I am always enthralled by a particular verse which suggests that the essence of the diversity of mankind is not for unnecessary competition and despise, but just identity.

The best of you is he who fears God most, that verse concludes. This verse is amplified by a prophetic saying that the Arabs have no superiority over the non-Arabs, nor do the rich over the poor. There is an illustration of this reality in the position of Bilal, an African of Abyssinian descent, being the preferred muadhin in the time of the Prophet.

When an Arab denigrated him because of his skin colour and the incident got to the attention of the Prophet, the Prophet excoriated the Arab, Abu Dharr al-Ghifari, for still possessing traces of jahilliyyah, ignorance, in him.

Liberated and enlightened beings discount such ignorant attitude towards one another. We are all the same. It is the enemies of the nation who call for, and support, disintegration.Reflections on Preston,books, textbooks, text book Compare book prices at online bookstores worldwide for the lowest price for new & used textbooks and discount books!

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There's another side to each person, one that we cannot see without help.

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Reflections On My Life As A Truth Student telling his truth, living his life. Dream dictionary unlimited, scripture reference preface the scriptures tell us that dreams and their interpretations belong to god though sometimes elusive, their tsimshian, included, i can't discount the fact that "real" loop tguye~lk (stone circles my.

Nov 18,  · Violinist and artistic director Gil Morgenstern's acclaimed Reflections Series continues the season tonight, Monday, November 19 at pm with Nacht und Traume, Night and Dreams. Our dreams are a reflection of our subconscious thoughts, but what importance have they in the process of predicting what will happen to us in real life?

There is a lot more to dreaming than meets the eye. At face value, dreams are another type o.

How to Give a Reflection on a Dream That Benefits You and the Dreamer