Summary of nervous conditions essay

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Summary of nervous conditions essay

They end up taking a handout from a white couple.

Nervous Conditions Summary & Study Guide

When Bankrupt and his family returned from England, Moan and his father take the trip to meet them at the airport and Thumb and her mother scramble to find the provisions for a feast.

Thumb is suspicious of her cousins Nash and Chide because of their Englishmen; they seem like snobs. After dinner, in a meeting of the family patriarchy, Bankrupt reveals that he is worried about Jeremiahs branch of the family, and insists that Moan go to live with him at the mission school so he can be more committed to his studies.

After the first year away, Moan has changed perceptibly. His physical presence has become more anglicizes, but he also claims to have forgotten how to speak Shown. The narrative jumps ahead again towhen Bankrupt arrives to report that Moan has died of a mysterious illness in a hospital in town.

When it is settled that Thumb shall leave for the mission school in his place, her mother becomes thoroughly depressed and cannot eat or work.

Arriving at the mission, Thumb is overwhelmed by how beautiful everything seems. There is a what seems like a feast for lunch and Thumb learns that she is to share a bedroom with her cousin Nash. Summary of Nervous Conditions We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book.

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Summary of nervous conditions essay

The next morning at school, Thumb realizes that Nash is not liked by her classmates. Thumb becomes fluent in English before long and learns quickly. She also notices how obstinate Nash can be and how ungrateful she seems toward her parents. When Chide is old enough, he is also sent to Salisbury to attend this secondary school, which is populated mostly by white boys.

Meanwhile, Nash is studying for her Form Two examinations; she is working so hard that she is losing weight rapidly; this is also due to her eating disorder, but Thumb does not understand that yet.

Chide comes back from boarding school for Christmas and he, Thumb, and Nash attend a student Christmas party. Bankrupt and Nash begin to have a fight over what he sees as her whorish behavior. He attacks his daughter violently and she fights back, while Maximum leads with him that if he must kill someone to kill her instead.

She and Chide pull Bankrupt off his daughter and hold him so he cannot kill her. For a week after that, Bankrupt stays away from the house and Nash retreats into herself.

Summary of nervous conditions essay

She stops eating again, so Thumb has lunch alone with her aunt. Maximum confesses the pain she feels when she sees Nash and Bankrupt fighting like that. As they arrive at the homestead, Thumb looks at it with different eyes; now she sees the squalor she used to live in.

Takeouts already has two wives who live elsewhere, so Bankrupt does not approve of him living in the homestead.

There are twenty-four people there total for the holiday, and the women have unending work to do to take care of all the men and children. Just after New Years, Bankrupt summons a meeting to determine the fate of Takeouts, while the women listen at the door. A battle ensues between Lucia manhandling, who believe that Bankrupt is in the wrong to demand that Lucia and Takeouts leave, and Maximum, who claims that since she was not born into this family, it is not her concern, and refuses to stick up for Lucia to Bankrupt.

Lucia overhears Takeouts accusing her of witchcraft to Bankrupt during the counsel meeting, so she storms in and tweaks his ear, defending herself. She threatens to take her sister and leave immediately. They must have a wedding. As preparations for the wedding between Jeremiah and Mashing ensue, Thumb becomes extremely anxious.

When Bankrupt goes back to the mission with Maximum and Nash, he leaves Thumb at the homestead to help with all the work to be done.

Summary of Nervous Conditions

Mahayanist comes to the mission hospital in March to give birth, and Lucia comes as well to be with her sister. Meanwhile, Nash, Maximum, and Thumb help Mahayanist plan the wedding.Nervous Conditions Essay.

The Comparison of Nervous Systems in Humans, Cnidarians, Flatworms, and Annelids (Ohio medical malpractice summary, ). "Nervous Conditions" is a semi-autobiographical story about Tambu, a young girl growing up in rural Rhodesia in the 's, and her search for a way out - for both herself and her family.

Nervous Conditions is a novel by Zimbabwean author Tsitsi Dangarembga, first published in the United Kingdom in The semi-autobiographical novel focuses on the story of a Rhodesian family in post-colonial Rhodesia during the s.

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Test your knowledge of Nervous Conditions with our quizzes and study questions, or go further with essays on the context and background and links to the best resources around the web. Summary of Nervous Conditions He and is wife, Maximum, moved to England with their children,Nash and Chide, for five years.

Without Bankrupt’s generosity, the narrator’s family struggled financially. Nervous Conditions Essay Topics & Writing Assignments. Tsitsi Dangarembga. This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.

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