Survivors essay

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Survivors essay

This topic is interesting to me because I have often jokingly swore I have it, and was surprised to find that there is actually research out there about it! My topic will include the studies and outcomes that have been previously completed on this topic.

My target audience will be breast cancer survivors, nurses, and practitioners. I plan to implement my project in the breast care setting. I believe it is important for all involved to be as educated as possible about the patients they are working with as well as the patients that are actually going through this diagnosis.

I will create a poster about this topic and reveal assessment signs and or symptoms as well as inform patients of available help for anyone experiencing these signs and or symptoms.

Survivors essay

Some inter-collaboration strategies I will be needing include contacting our research and nursing education committees for their input and direction of how to make a submission, as well as inquiring through management of the breast cancer center about displaying my poster there.

This is the critique I did on one of the articles if you would incorporate? This literature discussed indications and how Findings showed that PTSS they are recognized as a convincing suggestion of anguish in cancer survivors. There were not many published studies that included this group of patients and the associated psychosocial issues they encountered with a cancer diagnosis, such as disturbing memories of their experience, nightmares, and insomnia Kwak et al.

It also inspected health status and demographic variables correlated to fluctuations in PTSS. As a portion of a longitudinal study to detect 6 Vvariations in psychological adaptation, quality of life, and health service utilization were examined over time.

The baseline data included individually reported socio-demographic variables such as marital and relationship status, race, gender, employment, and education status.

Age at diagnosis was considered and Respondents were placed into three groupings, based on age at diagnosis, to estimate developmental life stages in accordance to theoretical models of human development Arnett, Patients revealed their employment and school situation at both baseline and post diagnosis, as well as at each consequent time point of data gathering.

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After the researchers obtained Institutional Review Board authorization from each participating and the organizing medical center, participants were recruited from five tertiary care medical centers in Los Angeles, Portland, and San Antonio between the dates of March, and April, Research staff in clinics recognized appropriate patients and pursued physician agreement for enrollment.

Fifty-eight patients were released because either the physicians refused contact with the patients who they believed were too sick to be included, or patients declined to partake. Of the patients engaged and agreed to partake, 12 did not return a completed survey after providing consent, and one passed away.

Conditions for patients to participate in this study were they had to have a cancer diagnosis between the age of 14 and 39 years-old, it had to be their first cancer diagnosis and treatment, and had to have the ability to read and understand English or Spanish.

Patient agreement and parental authorization were obtained for those patients under the age of 18 years. Subjects of this study did receive cash incentives for finishing the questionnaires.

Severity scores for re-experiencing, avoidance, and arousal were also calculated by summing subscale items. These scores were transformed to age and gender formulated paired T-scores on the basis of adult non-patient community norms.

Additionally, tThe results suggest the predictors of changes in PTSS over 1 year were seen in subjects who were not employed or in school prior to diagnosis revealed growths in PTSS between 6-month and month follow-up irrespective of their present employment or school status.

Those subjects who were employed or in school prior to diagnosis, then discontinued their work or school, described almost no changes in PTSS scores.

Survivors essay

In addition, Lastly, results showed that subjects who continued to be employed or in school post-diagnosis described slight reductions in PTSS results. Critique 1Overall, the findings of this study by Kwak et al seem reliable and have the possibility to make of making a substantial impact on evidence-based nursing practice in the care of adolescent and young adult cancer patients.

This article was clear, concise, and well-written. I believe the results of this study supported the significance of this study.Survivors of the Holocaust - Holocaust Research Paper: The Survivors of the Holocaust The Holocaust was the organized massacre of about 11 million people 6 million of them were Jews; different groups of people were murdered by an association called the Nazis.

For 18 years, the project involved a national college scholarship essay contest, scholarships for the top writers, and week-long, in-depth educational experience for the top writers, select educators, and genocide survivors. The Holocaust survivors display bravery, hope, and determination in the mist of horror.

Jeannine Burk is a Holocaust survivor, she starts her story off by saying, ” My father took me on a streetcar. Shikhar S: Writing a Super Powerful Level 7 English Essay for Paper 1 December 22, Arthur Zargaryan Firstly, whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever subjects you’re taking, and whatever your favorite food might be, I want to let you know that you’re awesome.

Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors Summary & Study Guide Piers Paul Read This Study Guide consists of approximately 37 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Alive.

Survivors of school shootings in America over the past 72, including the attacks at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, Virginia Tech, and Columbine High School, tell their stories.

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