The main reasons why people use pirated software

Top 10 Pirating digital content is illegal. Torrenting is easy and the chance of getting caught is low.

The main reasons why people use pirated software

So a few days ago, Harris posted on his blog asking people to tell him why they downloaded his games without paying.

Some people put tolstoy to shame. Today, Techdirt noticed that Harris had posted his promised summary and response.

Piracy is Unethical

Steam got a pretty universal thumbs up from everyone. To his credit, Harris did just what he said he would and considered the responses he fielded. He plans to make a number of changes, including ditching DRM completely, creating longer game demos, considering a drop in price though he seems most hesitant about that changeand working harder to create higher quality games.

One of the lessons to be learned from Harris, beyond the interesting look into the reasons why people pirate software, is the value of having a good corporate blog.

We wrote last week that properly done a corporate blog can have tremendous value.

The main reasons why people use pirated software

By opening the channels of communication with his customers and users, Harris was able to get honest feedback that he is putting to good use to make himself more money and make his customers happier.

On the side, Josh enjoys managing his blog The Fluffington Post.Here are six more reasons why you shouldn’t pirate Photoshop CC: 1. You are committed enough to take your business seriously. 2. Support photography communities and manufacturers who will support you.

3. Pirated copies are buggy and do not always work as planned.


4. Receive updates, support and always have the best and the latest copy available. 5. “The reason piracy is so popular is because piracy is, for many people, the only way to be able to get a game ” Our first series of responses are from people who, well, steal video games.

The ninth annual "BSA Global Software Piracy Study" claims that the "commercial value of this shadow market of pirated software" was worth US$ billion in , with the highest commercial value of pirated PC software existent in the U.S. during that time period (US$9,,).

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The main reasons why people use pirated software

Advertisement. For some there is also an underlying political motivation — although it never seems to be the main reason. The 9 Safest Free Software Download Sites for Windows.

Why You Should Not Use Pirated Software under Any Circumstances Sec Glad 2 Published: 17 September Updated: 24 January Software piracy has been spreading like the plague and many Internet users get tempted to make use of the counterfeit software .

Mar 12,  · For some time, big software companies have tried to make the argument that a copy of pirated software is equivalent to a lost sale This is pretty ridiculous for a couple reasons.

For one thing.

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