The positive and negative effects of geographical factors in the environment

Background[ edit ] Resilience is generally thought of as a "positive adaptation" after a stressful or adverse situation. Resilience is the integrated adaptation of physical, mental and spiritual aspects in a set of "good or bad" circumstances, a coherent sense of self that is able to maintain normative developmental tasks that occur at various stages of life. Resiliency allows a person to rebound from adversity as a strengthened and more resourceful person.

The positive and negative effects of geographical factors in the environment

Effects of positive and negative rural tourism case study: Although a minor part of tourism includes of rural tourism and plays an important role in economic of rural areas of developed countries, but other advantages and even received harms through these activities in rural areas should not be neglected.

As some benefits may be obtained from tourist development, its inappropriate development will bring about losses and negative effects. Nevertheless, the level of these effects would be changed proportionate to different factors such as importance of local tourism industry, potentials of tourists and their activities, consolidation of local environment and authority of local cultures and customs.

Semnan Province has a diversity of rural residential areas and tourist attraction sitesand the most attractive sites which enjoy a higher potential for tourism enter this study.

Here we have conducted field and library research using two types of questionnaires distributed to rural residents and organizations responsible for tourism. The data was analyzed through the statistical software of SPSS. Introduction People go to places for different reasons: Nowadays, rural tourism has turned into a leading economic activity and studies show a positive relationship between developing rural tourism and an increase in income.

Sep 11,  · If you want to contribute to the ecotourism industry while having as little negative impact on the environment and local communities as possible, you should take some precautions. //traveltips. Geographical Variability in the Likelihood of Bloodstream Infections Due to Gram-Negative Bacteria: Correlation with Proximity to the Equator and Health Care Expenditure and identified geographical, climatic and social factors associated with this variability. divided by all bacteremias. Second, as total culture volumes (positive and. The Outcome of the great wall Positive: * It is now a tourist attraction and boosts commerce for China. * It protected China from their attacks. * It gave the Chinese time to perfect their defence.

It can be a suitable way to enhance economic advantage and employment. Considering the potentials for rural tourism, Semnan Province can act to enhance its economy and rural economy as well.

Today, the importance of tourism and the necessity of conducting research on it because of significant economic, and social, and cultural roles that it can play is known for everyone. It has turned into one of the most important factors to create wealth, job, dynamism, moving people, and national assets.

In any country, The entrance of tourists correspond with income enhancement and economic opportunities through which economic activities occur in different sectors maddah, As one of the largest industries in the world, Tourism contributes to employment, exchange income, leisure time relaxation, fair distribution of wealth, cultural exchange and international friendship.

It is also one of the surest and economical means of gaining exchange income. Of the most important objectives of rural tourism, increasing villager's income, and the employment of rural families are significant in materializing appropriate planning.

Purposes of the study with a higher importance are as follows: Reaching the means of increasing the rate of rural tourists in Semnan Province.


Recognizing the capabilities and potentials of rural tourism in Semnan Province. The tourists' familiarity with tourist attractions in Semnan Province.

Positive Impacts

Training individuals for giving service to rural tourism. Preparing individuals for establishing and managing rural small industries. Preparing individuals to contribute in making decisions on developing rural tourism industry g.

Training individuals in developing opportunities and guidelines to enhance rural tourism. D student in geography and rural planning, Islamic azad University, science and research branch tehran ,Iran Email: The motivation behind most rural is to escape limitations and the urban routine life and the regulations opposite to the free will and voluntary entertainment.

The economic strategies in the regional development requires a small commerce perspective for the rural tourism. It helps consider a spot as a category to a regional planning, taking the regional system at the head category in order for hierarchical allocations to become equal as far as tourist attraction activities are concerned.

The direction of rural tourism demands is a variable which depends on domestic and international tourists visits. Rural tourism development has always been a valuable, growing economic strategy, and an advantage of low risks and costs and considering that resources are available, costs are low and plans are smaller compared to other tourism plans projects.

It helps to economic growth, create variety and stability in employment, dynamism in commerce and industries, creating opportunities to larger incomes in multiple activities, creating new markets for agricultural products and enhance a basis for the regional economy.

One of the most important features of rural tourism economy is the motivation that the private sector has for investment in tourism because it is small, varied and simple. It is a rather important fields in rural development which can build up opportunities and facilities specially for employment and regional income and play a crucial role in reviving and rebuilding rural regions.

The positive and negative effects of geographical factors in the environment

The role and importance of tourism In the process of rural development has been proved in many countries. At the present time tourism is considered an industry with the potential stability.

Attractions, facilities, and capabilities of tourism development in rural regions are diverse and varied, but unfortunately they have not been properly exploited.Water quality, which describes the chemical, physical and biological content of water, is influenced by a variety of factors including substances present in the air, soil and rocks, industrial activities, and runoff from urban areas.

Thus, good water quality is not easy to achieve. Some is caused by a combination of human and natural factors like wildfires and subsequent overgrazing, which may prevent the growth of young trees.

Effects of Deforestation Deforestation can have. Bibliotherapy, positive tracking of events, and enhancing psychosocial protective factors with positive psychological resources are other methods for resilience building.

The positive and negative effects of geographical factors in the environment

In this way, increasing an individual's resources to cope with or otherwise address the negative aspects of risk or adversity is promoted, or builds, resilience.

Factors Influencing the Distribution and Density of Population in India are as follows: One of the most important aspects of India’s population is its uneven distribution.

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On one hand the population of India is highly concentrated in some pockets such as highly urbanized and industrialised areas. Standards that guide marketing decisions and actions B.

Improving environment and products C. Obligation to improve positive effects on society D. Obligation to improve positive effects and reduce negative effects on society 27) Public policy makers have developed a substantial body of laws and regulations to govern advertising.

Positive and negative effects of Globalization. Print Reference this Globalization has brought benefits in developed countries as well as negative effects.

The positive effects include a number of factors which are education, trade, technology, competition, investments and capital flows, employment, culture and organization structure.

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