The six thinking hats

Edward's College, Malta he then gained a medical degree from the University of Malta. He represented Oxford in polo and set two canoeing records. He promoted the World Center for New Thinkingbased in Malta, which applied Thinking Tools to solution and policy design on the geo-political level. Ayer, on the subject of effective democracy.

The six thinking hats

Other Tools Tools You have been assigned to figure out how to increase productivity in your department while reducing costs. Or you need to figure out how to shorten meeting times, reducing conflict among your team members while you're at it.

Or you just need a way to systematically work through an issue to figure out what your next steps might be.


Where do you begin? Each method uses its own unique tool "kit" to help you achieve your goals.

The six thinking hats

The methods can be used independently of each other, or in combination, depending on your situation. Do you simply need to generate more innovative ideas and then figure out how to put the best into action? Lateral Thinking may be the place for you to begin.

Do you need a path for your team to look at all the options, positive and negative of an issue, quickly and comprehensively? Do you need a framework for defining an issue and creating a plan for your next steps? Simplicity helps organizations streamline products and processes, thereby becoming more effective, efficient and user-friendly.

And our eTools give you the resources to assess your current situation and help you use the methods you'll learn in our coursesSix Thinking Hats - Jensen test.

White, red, black, yellow, green or blue. These are the six thinking hats, showing various different ways of approaching problems - but of course, not everyone is alike, and people will naturally prefer some ways of thinking to others.

The six thinking hats

Used successfully by thousands of business managers, educators, and government leaders around the world, Six Thinking Hats offers a practical and uniquely positive approach to making decisions and exploring new ideas.

Your success in business depends on how you think. The six thinking hats is a method for doing one sort of thinking at a time. Instead of trying to do everything at once, we wear only one hat at a time.

To summarize De Bono’s theory, there are six thinking hats; white for objective facts and figures, red for emotions and feelings, black for cautious and careful, yellow for positive thinking, green for creativity and lateral thinking, and last but not least blue for control and organization of thinking/5().

Summary of Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono White – no opinions, neutral, objectives. Yellow – brightness, optimism. The Six Thinking Hats technique (6TH) of Edward de Bono is a model that can be used for exploring different perspectives towards a complex situation or challenge.

Seeing things in various ways is often a good idea in strategy formation or complex decision-making processes. The 6TH technique is designed to help individuals deliberately adopt a variety of perspectives on a subject that may be.

Six Thinking Hats - Jensen test